Nausea in pregnancy is one of those cruel facts of life. In general practice we try to put it in a positive light by saying how fabulous it is that the placenta is functioning so well, but knowing only too well how debilitating it can be. For many pregnant women the term ”morning sickness” is an understatement. I know many who would have considered themselves incredibly lucky to be able to stop vomiting by midday. Joanne told me, ”I had morning sickness so bad that the only thing that cured it was giving birth. I remember one night we were getting ready to make love, and I felt this huge wave of nausea. “Excuse me a minute, darling. I have to go and vomit.” What a way to kill the mood!

One of the big problems with treating nausea in pregnancy is that there is no medication available to treat it. Drug companies are unlikely to ever contemplate developing one because there is no way they will risk another Thalidomide-type tragedy. So we are left to trial and error to see what foods or non-drug alternatives might help, or just riding it out.


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