What would really help is preparation — talking about the likely changes so you don’t think you’re going crazy and how to cope with problems as they arise. Terence told me, I wish there had been some way of preparing myself for the incredible change in my lifestyle. We sailed through the labor without a hitch, but the day they said it was time to go home I went into a real panic. You go along to the childbirth education classes and learn all about getting the baby into the world, but no one tells you anything past that. Your friends who don’t have kids abandon you once the novelty wears off. With a hint of sadness he added, I’d never thought of myself as a boring family man, but here I am. Not that I’d change a thing, I just think that’s how my old friends see me now. I guess they’ll come back once they’re boring old dads too. They’ll probably need my advice then.

Counselling can really help if parents are having problems they can’t deal with. According to the experts, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The normal sexual relationship between a couple is likely to resume six to twelve months after the birth but it might take up to two years. John made an important point. Sex just takes a secondary role for a while. You look at that beautiful smiling face that you have helped to create, and you are overwhelmed by all the positive things it brings to your relationship.


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