The nature of the birth process, with the physical and emotional exposure that it involves, means that many of a woman’s previous inhibitions are swept aside. Complete strangers are privy to one of your life’s most intimate and vulnerable moments and some women find they can let loose more readily with their partner. For others the loss of privacy means it takes a while to think of genitals in terms of sexual pleasure again rather than as a birth canal.

Privacy certainly becomes an issue as the children become older and more mobile. Francis describes a rare moment alone with her husband, their child tucked safely in bed. Because they had both been so tired, there hadn’t been much time for those treasured romantic interludes. As the action heated up, their breathing got heavier and Francis threw her head back over the foot of the bed. As the first wave of that long-awaited orgasm washed over her, her neck still arched back, she slowly opened her eyes to be greeted by the inverted image of her three year old about half a metre from her face. I wet my bed Mum.


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