The physical and emotional demands of coping with a baby can make it very difficult for a new mother to feel romantic for a while. One breastfeeding mother told me, ”There are some days when I”m sick to death of being constantly on duty. No sooner do I finish one chore than there”s another just waiting. Sometimes after a day like that I get into bed and Geoff lets me know he”s in the mood and I can”t stop myself from thinking, “Oh no, not another chore before I get to go to sleep!” I just think that there are times when I need to have my body to myself for a while, you know.”

Jean said, We have had four children now. The oldest is thirteen and the youngest is three. After the first two I could see a pattern in my sexuality, so I worked out that even if it took eighteen months, things eventually got back to normal. I just wish I’d had someone to talk to before I had the first baby, so I wouldn’t have been so distressed about it. I can see now that we’re closer and more secure than ever, even though there might be months when we don’t have sex at all.


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