Even more bothersome than polyps is ozaena, a disease of the mucous membranes of the nose, giving off a foul-smelling discharge or odour. Relief is obtained by sniffing up or drawing in a solution containing sea salt, followed by sniffing up Urticalcin powder. For internal treatment, Kali iod. 4x and Mercurius 4x have proved very helpful.

Rhinitis (inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose) can also be very annoying, especially in the spring with its changeable weather pattern. As for all other kinds of inflammation and infection, Echinaforce taken internally is a reliable remedy for rhinitis. For a more speedy cure you could also try soaking a cotton bud in Echinaforce and painting the nostrils with it. If sores or scales should develop on the inner walls of the nose, apply Bioforce Cream for an immediate healing effect.

A runny nose can be stopped with relative ease. Cut a slice of fresh onion and dip it briefly into a glass of hot water. It is enough to dip the slice in just once, and then drink the water in small sips. This treatment will soon cure your sniffles.


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