If you suffer frequently from head colds it is advisable to sniff up calcium powder (Urticalcin) from time to time, in the way people used to take snuff years ago. When the air is cold it is also beneficial to lubricate the nasal passages regularly with a good lanolin cream. A reliable choice for this purpose is Bioforce Cream; it may even prevent a head cold from developing if applied early enough. When you walk too fast or run, you do not usually breathe through the nose. Hence you should try to slow down, at least enough to allow you to continue breathing through the nose. This will also be of benefit to the heart, since there will be less of a strain placed on it.

Nasal polyps may restrict the proper intake of air through the nose. Even though these growths are benign, their presence can be a source of great discomfort. The only effective cure for them is Teucrium marum verum (cat thyme). But should they not yield to this treatment, surgery would be indicated.


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