Has the tongue been given the power to speak only in order to create unhappiness? Certainly not. The apostle Paul reminded his fellow workers to consider everything lovable and well spoken of, for the contrary use of the tongue is the root of nothing but grief and vexation. Loving, heart-warming words, words of instruction and upbuilding admonition, comfort and encouragement should pass over the lips, so that this little organ of speech may truly become a blessing. But this can only be if the heart is properly conditioned, if it has the desire to be a friend to friends, to lend a helping hand to someone in need or distress, and to overcome even hostile attitudes with goodness. In this way the tongue will become a dispenser of kindness and benevolence.

What enhances and endears springtime to us? Is it not the lovely songs of birds? Their little throats fill the air with songs of gratitude, of sheer joy and devotion. We too have been endowed with the ability to sing and can, like the birds, give vent to our joyful exuberance in harmonious song.


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