Our three respiratory organs comprise the nose, the windpipe (trachea) and the lungs. Each of these three organs has a very special and important function and only a working correlation between them assures a harmless exchange of gases.

Instead of bones, the nose has cartilage plates to give it firmness. Bones would be too brittle and the danger of them breaking too great, especially if we should fall on our nose, or a ball or some other hard object hit it. Those participating in sports such as boxing or skiing would soon have nothing but an unshapely and unsightly nose if the cartilage walls were less resilient and more vulnerable. The extent to which the beauty of the face depends on the shape of the nose becomes evident after a serious accident when the nose is crushed or badly deformed. Fortunately today, a mishap of this sort can, as a rule, be easily corrected by plastic surgery.


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