The proper functioning of the nose is very important to good health. For one thing, perhaps not everyone is aware of the fact that the nose is actually an air-conditioning organ, warming the air we inhale if it is cold outside. If the air is tropically hot, a cooling system is activated to make the climate more bearable. Furthermore, the nose regulates the intake of air that is either too dry or too humid.

What a marvellous design! Not even the smallest detail is missing in all these divine provisions and it is indeed astonishing to hear people deny the existence of an omnipotent Creator, despite the many visible testimonies of divine wisdom and creative power. God alone is capable of creating something out of nothing, for only He has control over the laws he set in motion in the first place. These laws cannot come into existence by themselves, neither is their smooth operation and application left to blind chance and whim. So let us now see to what extent a small organ like the nose may serve as proof of God’s creatorship.


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