During the productive years of youth an active person often neglects to think about the fact that the central nervous system and brain must still serve their purpose during the autumn of life. If we wish to be sprightly and in good spirits, feeling well physically and mentally during our old age, we must see to it that the engine in the control room, the brain, is given more attention than is usual in today”s world.

How many of us regularly curtail the brain”s wonderful source of energy and recharging by not getting enough rest and sleep! The body may be able to take one or two exceptions, but a continuous lack of sleep will undermine the health, lead to fatigue and will gradually diminish one”s efficiency and productivity. Let us therefore, first and foremost, make sure to enjoy a healthy amount of sleep, going to bed early. We should also make an effort to eat wholefoods for adequate nutrition, get enough exercise for refreshing relaxation during our free time, and avoid the poisons threatening us in so many ways.

Taking these precautions will not only contribute to our overall state of health but will render an incomparable service to our brain.


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