Pulsatilla, Belladonna, sulphur and Mercurius solubilis, in homoeopathic potencies, are the best remedies indicated for treating inflammations of the ear. At the first sign of suppuration Hepar sulph. 12x is very effective, and if there is a danger of septic infection, Lachesis 12x can still save the situation. In cases of prolonged discharge, Silicea 12x taken in alternation with Causti-cum (freshly burnt lime according to Hahnemann) will help. Should there be a tendency to a relapse, recourse to an occasional dose of the constitution-building remedy Baryum carbonicum lOx is indicated.

Anyone prone to ear problems should take the fresh plant extract of ribwort over a longer period of time. Known by its botanical name Plantago lanceolata, ribwort is one of the best remedies for the ears and will also sharpen the auditory senses. Ginkgo biloba is excellent for the same purpose and therefore recommended for people who are hard of hearing or suffer from tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ear).


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