As a rule, such infections are simple enough to deal with if the body is given the right kind of help, for nature cures if we support it in its performance. It is better to take no action than to give the wrong treatment. The usual attempts to suppress the symptoms in order to destroy the germs with drugs actually undermine the body’s natural powers of resistance. The same foolishness is shown by those who treat plant diseases and pests. They expect to get rid of them by spraying the plants with poisonous chemicals, but succeed only in weakening or killing the plants own natural defence mechanism. So they are forced to increase and intensify their spray programmes. Similarly, some doctors have to prescribe more and stronger drugs because the body’s natural healing powers have been weakened or even destroyed. But we must remember that man is not the healer – it is nature that really performs the cure. All we ourselves can do is support the wonderful, natural self-healing powers of the body. Let us hope that this basic truth becomes once again more widely recognised and appreciated.


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