Infectious eye and mouth suppuration (discharging of pus or festering) can be cured in a short time if you follow the nature treatment described in the following letter I received from a mother.

Our little boy is much better now. The pus in his eyes and mouth stopped within about five days after we began to use your remedies. The child looked pitiful, but now he is romping around happily again. Our treatment was as follows: before meals we gave him Solidago (goldenrod) and a cod-liver oil preparation, as well as an easily assimilated calcium preparation (Urticalcin). After meals he took Hepar sulph. 4x and Lachesis 12x. The eyes were bathed twice daily with diluted Aesculaforce. Twice a day we put an onion poultice on his neck. Improvement of his condition was soon noticeable. We put St John”s wort oil on his sore lips and dusted them with Urticalcin powder. During the day we gave him fruit juice and horsetail tea to drink. Several times we prepared white clay packs made with horsetail tea, mixed with a few drops of St John’s wort oil, and applied these to his eyes. We are indeed thankful and happy that this dangerous infection has now gone, but we continue to give the child Solidago, cod-liver oil preparation and the easily assimilated calcium.


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