As a control centre of paramount importance, the pituitary should receive extra care and attention. Because of its important functions, it is well protected in an inaccessible bony hollow at the base of the skull. The only way to care for it is by looking after one’s general health. Thus, it is worthwhile supplying the body with wholesome food, sufficient sleep, exercise and oxygen by deep breathing. Even though we already know a great deal about this small gland, many of its secrets have yet to be discovered.

The instrument panel of a jet plane is a complete mystery to the layperson. A radio receiver small enough to fit in a watch casing is also a marvel of technology. But what is contained in the bean-sized gland – much of which we are still not aware of – surpasses everything the human mind has created a thousand times. Appreciating the intricate design and functions of our body, we should always show deep respect for it and avoid subjecting it thought lessly to stresses and strains that affect our health. The biblical psalmist expressed this most aptly when he wrote: I shall laud you [God] because in a fear-inspiring way I am wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, as my soul is very well aware.


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