The functions of the brain, as far as they have been discovered, are amazing. Picture, if you will, the control room of a large power plant or a modern ocean liner, or the instrument panels of a jet plane. All the numerous instruments and switches elicit our amazement and admiration. These control centres are, in a manner of speaking, the brain of, for example, the ship or plane. Everything that takes place, every change in direction, every response to the changeable elements, every command, comes from that control centre, the brain. The energy needed to make everything function is supplied by generators which produce energy, or power. When the power supply is insufficient or fails completely, it can be put down to problems in the central control because it is either malfunctioning or is out of action. This can happen even though engines and equipment have been designed and built in spectacular ways.

What can we learn from the above illustration? Energy is supplied to the brain via the bloodstream. If the blood carries all the necessary nutrients, nutritive salts and vitamins so that every brain cell receives the food it needs, then everything will function properly. Not every one of the many millions of cells has its own function. The brain is divided into work groups, called centres and more than twenty of these centres have so far been recognised.


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