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Middle ear infections are frequently not given enough attention. If a child complains of earache and has perhaps a slight runny discharge which turns to pus, we put the child in a warm bed and think our duty is done. Unfortunately, however, the correct treatment is overlooked. The reason why so many people are hard [...]


A bruise is a purple splotch on the skin caused by broken and bleeding blood vessels underneath the surface. Bruises usually result from unexpected clashes with sharp corners or from other forceful encounters. Some people bruise at a loving tap, though. Or they frequently wake up with unexplained bruises. Their bruises seem to appear for [...]

THE BRAIN part 2

How an entire centre can be put out of order is seen in the case of a stroke. The attack usually occurs in the inner capsule and not! the outer part of the brain or the cerebral cortex. If a blood vessel on the right side of the inner capsule ruptures, the blood supply to [...]


The functions of the brain, as far as they have been discovered, are amazing. Picture, if you will, the control room of a large power plant or a modern ocean liner, or the instrument panels of a jet plane. All the numerous instruments and switches elicit our amazement and admiration. These control centres are, in [...]