THE BRAIN part 2

How an entire centre can be put out of order is seen in the case of a stroke. The attack usually occurs in the inner capsule and not! the outer part of the brain or the cerebral cortex. If a blood vessel on the right side of the inner capsule ruptures, the blood supply to the outer parts of the brain is disrupted and the consequence appear on the left side of the body. This inversion is due to the fact that the cerebral hemisphere controls the opposite side of the; body. Whatever we sense on the right side is registered on the left side and vice versa. If the body is able to repair the damage, the paralysis will pass and the ability to speak, which was lost, will return. If the speech centre remains disturbed, while the centre governing the connecting ideas continues to function, then the person will find himself in the embarrassing situation of thinking! correctly but expressing himself in a muddled way. However, tfl will not happen if he writes down his thoughts instead of trying! to express them verbally.


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